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Placed a ring in my shopping cart on 12/09/12. I was having all kinds of problems with the NMR system when I submitted my order. However, there was definitely a message that my cart was empty. And it was. While sifting thru 100 products or so in an attempt to find that ring again, I came across another ring that I liked better and placed that into my cart. The cart showed only that one ring. But when I submitted the order, I was charged for both rings. I immediately attempted to contact NoMoreRack. This was in the evening, so I couldn't speak with a live person, but I did submit 2 different e-mails. The NMR policy--which is clearly stated on many screens--states that a contact will be made within 24 hours. I didn't hear anything for at least 3 days. During that time, I was charged a NSF by my bank (was using my bank card.

I called Customer Service or Care during business hours next day. I was told that I hadn't called in time to cancel the order, as stated in company policy. I then challenged these 2 reps. to find that in the co. policy. They couldn't! But I was told I couldn't cancel the order, even tho I had also e-mailed the evening before.

I finally received responses to my e-mails of 12/09/12, from different employees. TWO of the senders admitted that, yes, there had been problems with the NMR system that nite. But another sender said it didn't matter, my money could not be returned. But I could return the ring and receive a "store credit". Also,

These responses were received from the 11th to the 14th--definitely over 24 hours.

I have already filed complaints against this company with the FTC, as well as the AG's office in my state. Will next contact the BBB, the US PO. Have been disappointed with quality of most products received, anyway.

I will never, ever, ever, do business with AGAIN.

I am so grateful for this website!

Monetary Loss: $58.

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