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I ordered 3 7" iRola Android Tablets DX752 for my kids for Christmas.I purchased them at the end of November.

My kids played on them for 1 day and they stopped working. They will not charge, the screen rolls with black and white lines, makes noises, and the port to charge the tablets is broken. I have emailed Nomorerack numerous times since they do not take calls. The number that they have provided for the vendor is out of service.

They give me a website for troubleshooting. I don't need troubleshooting answers when the port to charge the tablet is broken. How will troubleshooting help??? I am now out of luck since the 14 day return period has run out.

I am beyond pissed.

My kids are crying because they can't play with their tablets.Will NEVER order anything from Nomorerack again.

Monetary Loss: $175.


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I bought one too through groupon for my grandkids and the charger port is also broken and will not charge so said $50.00 down the drain.



This is my second one I have to send back battery won't work!


piece of *** there's a silver packet inside and it exploded

Phoenix, Arizona, United States #964456

I ordered one for my husband with a keyboard and after the first full charge it looses power quickly and the keyboard is not the one that goes with the tablet. I got these from amazon.com and will never by another one. If you go with the kindle you cannot go wrong.

Sint Maarten, Sint Maarten (Dutch part) #949484

I bought 2 irola tablets november month end 2014.They were xmas gifts.

And to my great disappointment they both are not keeping charge.

One of the charging ports is broken and they both will not keep charge for more than a few minutes.Can anything be done to satisfy a disapointed customer?


Call (866)777-0079 ask for Cheyenne.I had the same problems with the iRola -- twice.

Both times Kocaso (company that makes the tablet, I assume) sent a pre-paid UPS return label and within 10 days or so after processing my order, sent new tablets to me.If you want the replacement tablets, then this is the way to do it.

Cincinnati, Ohio, United States #906970

I have purchased several items for Nomorerack.com I am pleased with most of my purchases, with one exceptions, the iRola DX752.I bought it for my grandson for Christmas-2013.

It would not charge. I thought it was the charger, but found out it was the tablet that was not working. I purchased it from Nomorerack.come. Most Items I purchase from nomorerack are really good, but this time i got a dud.

I do not know if anything can be done about it.Irola should be held accountable for selling items without checking dependablilty Moy grandso was very unhapppy.

Maine, United States #876148

Mine did the same thing and I charged it with my phone charger instead and it worked fine. You could try that and at least they may be able to play with their tablets?? Good luck!!

Saint Louis, Missouri, United States #867380

I would like someone to call me about my irolla tablet.I bought it on nomorerack.

Thank you so much.

My number is 3148563934.

Pattie Patton

Austin, Texas, United States #864846

OMG! Me too- I ordered 2 for my grandkids-not only did they give out with in a few months but they were 3 days late for Christmas- I WILL NEVER BUY FROM NO MORE RACK EVER!!! Buy Safe guarantee, really?- its a bs *** guarantee only valid within 1st 30 days & good luck talking to a live customer service rep- especially @ holiday timer-at this point I will email iRola directly and see if they will repair or replace in good customer service fashion as a courtesy.

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